Saturday, January 9, 2010

Preview Pics . . .

Ok, here are some pics of samples I made with the kit I've been working on. Man, this takes forever! lol! But then again, I rarely find the easy way to do anything! ALL PICTURES ARE CLICKABLE SO YOU CAN ENLARGE AND SEE MORE DETAIL.

With that said, I'm learning that people vary in their definition of "kit". To me, KIT means a bunch of stuff that I can do lots with at a great price. But to others it means a package that can be opened, put together, and finished in a snap. Soooo . . . here's the plan.  There will be at least TWO kits I'll be doing each month.

First: The Whole Kit and KaBoodle (congrats on the name, Terri!) will be a package I put together that is just that, a bunch of stuff! I'll do some samples with it to give you ideas but no precutting, measurements, etc.

Second: Kreative Kits (congrats on the name, Joette) will be PAGE kits that you can quickly put together with very little cutting. Hopefully these will be more than once a month but who knows! I may get distracted with other projects and only get one done! lol

SOOOOOO . . . 

This is me! In the layout on the right is the little diaper shirt I'm wearing in the picture on the left!  The journaling tells the story but it really is the shirt my grandmother made 50 years ago! Amazing, huh?

This is me, also! My piano teacher in elementary school was Polly Runnels. She never did just plain old recitals. She had productions! Of course I hated it then. But now have fond memories of them.

More pics coming!  And Joette and Terri, please email me your snail mail address so I can get a prize out to you! And Wanda, I may still use your name suggestion. Got an idea brewing with it! Sounds painful, huh?

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