Monday, January 4, 2010

Helloooooooo . . .

Hi and hope everyone is having a great day! I'm feeling a little better today so about to head up to my scraproom to get busy on my FIRST EVER MONTHLY KIT! Yippee!

So yesterday, since I was absolutely miserable, I sat in my scraproom and sorted and organized my ribbon. Decided I might need a 12 step program for my addiction! lol! It took me all day! I did stop to watch football with hubby. And I was sick. So I'm using that as my excuse for it to take so long! Of course, I haven't even started on my Christmas ribbon that is still out all over the room AND I haven't even unpacked all the stuff my friend Beth and I bought Sat on our clearance shopping spree!

Oh, dear. Now I"m going to need to add more drawers to the ribbon storage . . . dum de dum dum dum . . .

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