Friday, January 1, 2010

New Pics

These are journals I made for presents for family members. They make great personalized gifts and are really quite simple to make.

This is one I made for my nephew. I wanted it to be masculine. The paper I used has a look that resembles leather. On the inside I used vintage looking postcard paper. I made the closure with some yarn and a door knob embellishment. The letter is grungeboard colored with pigment markers.

This one I made for my neice. The colors are bad in the picture but she said her favorite colors are pink, green, black, and orange. Nice that I just happened to have paper with those exact colors! The K is grungeboard that I embossed with orange then coated with paper glaze. This embossing powder is different from other that I have used and gives a sort of distressed look.

This one I made for my son's girlfriend. Her favorite colors are blue and green. I did the L just like the K only I added paper glaze to give it a shine.

This one was for my daughter, who got married in Oct. The purple paper and ribbon are from her wedding invitations. So this one was fun for me. The B is the same as the L, grungeboard colored with pigment pens and then paper glaze applied. So here's a word of advice when using paper glaze. Don't wait until the night before you have to have it completed to use it! I was doing this is about 3 am on Christmas Eve for the gift giving at my mom's that night! That's why the B looks white. It isn't a glare. It just hasn't cured! So when using it, don't worry if that happens. It will eventually clear up - sometimes long after it hardens to the touch. When completely cured it creates a hard acrylic finish that is really amazing!

This is a new take on a "gift" card! My son asked for money for Christmas so this is what I came up with. It isn't original but I can't remember where I saw the idea. (So if it was you, please forgive me for not giving you credit! And feel free to post your original here!)  The inside of the card tells you to slide the two largest Christmas trees off their paper clip 'trunks' for a surprise. You can see in one of the pictures that the trees have a small lip that is folded back to hold the money and to give a 3-d look to them. I tacked the paper clips on at the top with some quilting thread to hold them in place. The trees are embellished with stickles and flocking.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these. And feel free to ask any questions!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet comments! I adore the money in the Christmas trees, super clever! Your journals are cute too!