Monday, January 11, 2010

Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration Challenge

This is a layout from my kit. In real life it fits perfectly with Kristina's color challenge! lol! I took the picture like 20 times in 3 different places - including outside in the freezing cold! I'm thinking maybe my camera doesn't like red and pink! Gotta love technology, right? Anyway, I love Kristina's blog and all her great video tutorials. Her style is so clean and neat. And her color choices are beautiful! She's a great inspiration!

So here is her picture:

And here is my layout:

This is a layout about my goals and plans for this year. There will be a picture of me on the blue mat. Just haven't gotten around to taking a picture and haven't gotten the pictures from Britt's wedding yet . . . so . . . no recent pics of me!  Anyway, the little cut out with the birds at the bottom is only attached on the side so pic will slip under it.  Now if I can just figure out how to link it the right way to the challenge! lol!


  1. dear 100th didn't even know I had close to that! I LOVE your Matildy Jane story!! love your header pic too, did you take it? beautiful!

    lovely take on the inspiration too!