Friday, December 18, 2009

Yikes! It's almost here!

Wow, Christmas is only a week away! Baking and shopping and planning! Oh, my! And I'm also planning for January kits and pages and cards - oh, I'm tired now!

So anyway, if you are interested in giving any input to what you would love to see in a card, page, or album kit, let me know! Looking for ideas - to go with all those other ideas that are keeping me awake at night! Heehee!

So, anyway . . . here's a card I have in my etsy shop. It's from a Martha Stewart kit. These turn out absolutely beautiful! But just a word about the kits - the pictures don't always match up with what comes in them. (I think it was the bird kits that didn't match.) So if you are anal and your project has to match the picture - don't buy these card kits! Just sayin' . . .

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