Sunday, December 27, 2009

We made it!

We made the trip to Ohio in 16 1/2 hours (not the planned 14 hours but close!). So now we are in northeast Ohio and it's snowing like crazy! My sweet 2 year old granddaughter keeps wanting to go outside. So we go out for a few minutes and come back in to warm up. But she wants to go right back out. It's too cute!

So far I've learned a couple of things since we left Mississippi yesterday:
1. If I had half the determination to stay away from food that a 2 year old can have to keep from going to sleep, I'd never have to diet.
2. In the time it takes one grammy to put on a pair of pants, a 2 year old can inspect everything on the bathroom counter, empty out a suitcase, and throw Dora in the toilet! Amazing!

But I'm having great fun enjoying her. (And, yes, Brittney I'm making sure she eats healthy food.) Of course, she also has to eat a few of great grandma's cookies, too.

Anyway, I have pictures to post of some journals I made for Christmas presents but since my sis-in-law doesn't have wireless, I haven't managed to get my laptop hooked up to her internet yet. So that may have to wait till I get back home.

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

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