Sunday, December 25, 2011


I hate it. Change, that is. It depresses me, stresses me, and generally makes me angry, unhappy and pretty hard to get along with. The whole lot of it just bothers me. Today marks a huge change for my husband and me. We will be attending a new church beginning next Sunday after 16 years in the same church. I should be excited about the opportunity. I'm trying to be excited. But it's change. I just don't like it. Not that change is always bad. This change is for the best. I know that. I believe that. I'm satisfied that we made the right decision. But it's still change. I have to make new friends. I have to find new things to be involved in. I have to learn a whole new set of things that I need to say 'no' to. (Saying 'no' has never been my specialty. 'Oh, sure, I can handle that!' - whatever 'that' happens to be. Who needs sleep? lol)

Yesterday, Christmas eve, during a communion service at my daughter's church, I was reminded once again that change is often a beautiful thing. Can you imagine the frightening changes that Mary had to go through? How terrifying her future must have looked through her human eyes. She was just a young girl, a teenager! And, Joseph, bless his faithful heart! He must have been crazy in love with her! He wanted to "put her away quietly", ie. send her somewhere to avoid the gossip and ridicule he knew was coming. Have you ever realized that the night Jesus was born, Joseph was in his home town? He had family there. As a matter of fact, his whole family had been ordered to be there to have their taxes assessed. Yet, not one of them could find room in their home to let him and his nine-month pregnant fiance sleep. So, here is this teenage girl, who has never had sex, alone with a man she is engaged to but not married to, in a cave with filthy animals, after traveling about 3 days on a donkey or walking, without a midwife or her mom or a best friend, and she's in labor. Don't you think maybe once or twice she and Joseph had to think, 'God, are you serious? Really? This is your idea of bringing Messiah to our people?'

But aren't we grateful that Mary and Joseph accepted what they were facing and were obedient to God's call on their lives? Because of the changes they were willing to make in THEIR plans, forsaking THEIR dreams and plans and accepting God's plan, the Savior came! Yes, change can really be a beautiful thing. If you have accepted Christ as your Savior then you know this to be true. I'm so thankful that God loved me enough to accept me the way I was and continues to love me as I try to become all that He created me to be. I have much to learn. I never want to stop the changing process. It scares me half to death but I know it has to happen. As my husband and I embark on a new adventure I know there will be challenges. But God will be with us every step. I know I will still have some moments of discomfort. But I also know that every time we are obedient to God's call on our lives, the blessings always outweigh the fears and frustrations. I pray that whatever changes you are facing this Christmas, that you fall on His grace, stand on His promises, and trust in His faithfulness to get you through it.

Blessings and a very merry Christmas,

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