Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New tip . . . getting unstuck!

Many of you scrapbookers are familiar with a product called Un-Du. Or is it Un-Do? Oh, well, no matter.
It's a wonderful product. You may also know of all the hoopla over it being taken off the market, then put back on the market . . . but no one can find it . . . etc, etc.

If you aren't familiar with it, here are the basics:  It's an adhesive remover/deactivator that works wonders when you accidentally stick the wrong thing in the wrong place on your scrapbook page. So this is what happens - you pour this liquid on your page and it deactivates the adhesive so you can lift off the item without damaging your page. While it's wet you can gently rub over the sticky and remove it completely from your paper.

However, you may be wondering why I'm telling you this if you can't find the crazy stuff in the stores. AND it's pretty pricey when you can find it. SO, HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

Are you ready for this secret? Plain old lighter fluid that you can buy at any grocery store or dollar store does exactly the same thing! Yep, the kind they use in cigarette lighters, about 3 bucks a bottle, is perfectly safe for your layouts. (Not the kind you use in your grill! It may be the same stuff but I'm not sure, so, just sayin . . .)  IT DOES NOT HURT YOUR PAGE OR YOUR PICTURES!  It completely evaporates, leaves no greasy residue, and does not change the color of your paper. It works for tape runners, xyron, glue dots, and just about any kind of sticky mess you can think of.

What it does NOT work on is dried, liquid glue. Usually, that is. I haven't tried it on EVERY glue but that's been my general experience. And I haven't found anything that it damages. And believe me, I've unstuck some pretty unsightly messes!

Obviously there are common sense warnings - like don't have a candle burning close by when you open it.  And you probably shouldn't be frying bacon when you use it. Not that you would be while you're scrapbooking, but just in case. And if you smoke, um, well, hopefully you can figure that out. So if you're a pyromaniac, this is not a good product for you. But for the average scrapbooker, it's really awesome! I have even used it to remove an entire piece of paper that had been run through the xyron with permanent adhesive. I was altering a notebook and had already stuck it down and it wasn't straight. Yep, soaked the whole front of the notebook with lighter fluid. Took about an hour to completely dry out but no damage done! So, now you know how to get UNstuck!

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