Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeling unproductive . . .

Ever just have one of those unproductive weeks where nothing seems to come together for you? This has been one so far. Friday night Crystal was up all night with stomach virus. So since I didn't go to bed till 4am Sat morning, I got nothing done all day. Of course I did manage to babysit sweet little Jolie for a couple of hours Sat night. But no creating done.

Sun night hubby was up all night with the bug. So Mon I was a zombie again. But I tried really hard last night to make this cute little purse mini book. It just wouldn't cooperate. I finally put it aside and gave up and went to bed.

Today I worked this morning then came home and crashed. Tonight I'm sitting here on the laptop. Nope, not creating. I really should get busy. Really. I should. Seriously. Maybe if I just pull some papers out and look at them. . . .


  1. Okay - you have to get out of the stump! :) sooo...I am challenging you to join a challenge this week! Get Sketchy - shaped cards(http://getsketchy.blogspot.com/) or CARDS blog -mini cards (http://northridgemedia.net/blogs/cards)

    I think I will enter both!!