Friday, March 19, 2010

March Kit - finally!

I finally have my March kit completed and WOW is it a WHOPPER!!! This one is seriously a huge deal! You won't believe what all is in this! This kit is all about fun, bright colors, bff, pirate princess type stuff! Great for all those colorful pictures from spring and summer!

So, starting with the colors - as always I started with the color of the birthstone for the month, aquamarine. Add in some Me & My Big Ideas papers in March's blue/green birthstone, aquamarine, plus juicy lime green, bright fuschia pink, funky orange and sunny yellow and you have a great collection of spring/summer love!

Then pile on the embellishments with 12 yards of ribbon and fibers, almost 100 brads and eyelets, lots of Colorbok chipboard, painted wooden buttons, sticky stitches (not counted in the 12 yards of ribbons/fibers!), and tons of flowers, and WOW! You have one MEGA kit and kaboodle of stuff! And it all goes together!!!

Take a look at my etsy shop for a complete listing of everything in this kit. Just the embellishments alone would cost you more than the price of the kit!

I've added lots of extra for the same delicious price of $20.00 this month for a few reasons which are:

1. No samples this month. Sorry, getting ready for a local craft show and just no extra time.
2. These Me & My Big Ideas papers are adorable. BUT they are not true 12x12. They are more like 11 7/8. This bugs me but what can I say?
3. It's national craft month! So I'm helping you be a little extra crafty at a thrifty price! Hey, every little bit helps, right?
4. Cuz I just felt like it!

So happy crafting everyone!


  1. Looks terrific (and good luck at the upcoming craft show!)!

  2. I have some of those papers super fun! Nice kit!

    To answer you, the letter hanger was in the dollar section that they just reset, I am in MD! HTH!

  3. Awesome kit! You sure know how to put stuff together :) Good luck with the sales!