Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yuk - and a tip!

Oh, me. Oh, my! I think I'm getting sick. YUK! But wanted to post a tip.

I never buy repositional adhesive. It takes enough time to make stuff and the idea of it coming loose after I'm done just drives me nuts. When you have something that you need to stick somewhere temporarily - ie. a stencil, a template, a piece of paper - and you don't have any repositional adhesive, make your own! Here's how:

I usually do this with whatever tape runner with permanent adhesive that I happen to be using at the time. Simply put the adhesive on the back of the item, we'll say a template for simplicity sake. Then stick the template to your clothes and lift up. Repeat doing this several times and, viola, you have repositional adhesive!

Obviously you wouldn't want to do this to your favorite silk blouse, but jeans or a sweatshirt work great. Besides, who crafts in a nice silk blouse anyway, right? lol

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