Sunday, November 29, 2009

What's new . . .

So the plan was to quit Michaels. Turned in my notice. Was really happy with my decision. Boss was not happy. (lol!) So I thought about it for almost 2 weeks and decided that I could handle 2 mornings a week at Michaels. I will keep working Tue and Thu 8:30 to 12:30 for now. That works with my schedule taking Crys to Hinds anyway. So I will be working in my new scrap room pretty much all day on Wed and Fri and probably half a day on Mon. I will do the market on Sat. till Christmas then re-evaluate what I need to do for the first of the year. Sounds like a plan!

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! We certainly did! Had 4 of our kids and the two grand kids with us at Mom and Dad's house. Boy are those grandchildren a hoot! Little Gavin is such a gentleman and so adorable! Watching him play the Wii is about the funniest thing I've seen ever!  And if you ask him about his school, "u-ver-dis-i-ty Christian" (University Christian) he'll tell you all about God and Jesus!  So sweet! And Jolie is so definitely almost 2!!!  Terrible twos are so much cuter in my grandchildren than it was in my own kids! Ha!!! Her new dramatic teary-eyed-reaching-up-crying and through sobs saying, "Graaaammmmmyyyy!" is just too hard to resist! This grandma thing is absolutely the best!

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