Monday, November 30, 2009

My morning!

As a mom, you have to do a lot of unpleasant things. Hold your children down while they get shots, while the doctor digs in their ears, nose, or whatever part he or she happens to be inspecting. Talk to them while they are getting stitches. Hold thier noses to pour medicine down their throats.  All manner of miseries are done by moms in the course of getting our children grown.

This morning, Grammy had to stand by and watch as Brittney got the job of playing the role of the mean mom holding Jolie's head and hands still. It was not fun. I went with Brittney to take Jolie to the ENT dr. The tubes in her ears were out in the ear canal so they had to get them out. For those of you who don't know, Jolie was born with a lateral cleft. The ear canal on the side where her cleft was is VERY small. Her ears were bleeding by the time they finished. Grammy did NOT like it! We had Bria, too, so I ended up taking Bria out while they were working on Jolie. She was getting very upset that Jolie was crying and they wouldn't quit bothering her. That part was really cute. The rest of it was pretty much torture - for Jolie especially, but also for Brittney and for ME!

Brittney did great! (Better than I did!) I was crying in my car by the time I got to the interstate! Jolie was asleep in the van by the time they got to the interstate. Children's ability to fall asleep immediately after being upset is a gift from God!

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