Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Official!

It's official!  I have started my little business!  This past Sat. was my first time to have a vendor booth at the Belhaven Market/Farmer's Market on the fairgrounds as "Matildy Jane Designs."   It was a lot of fun!  I got to meet several of the other vendors and got great compliments and encouragement from them and the customers!

I have thought about this, prayed about this, talked to people about this for over a year now.  Sunday morning my friend, Pam, was talking about the ladies retreat she had been on.  Through something she said, God convicted me that I needed to just trust Him!  I knew this was what I needed to do but was afraid.  This morning on the way to take Crys to school, I told her I'm turning in my resignation at Michaels today.  She had no comment.  (Those who know her won't be surprised!) When I questioned her, she said, "If it's what God told you to do, you need to do it."  Then she told me she thought it was the right thing to do.  When I sent Britt a text to tell her, her response was, "Yaaaayyyyyy!  Come get Jolie!"  Ha!  Love it!

On the way home from taking Crys to school, I prayed again, "Lord, I'm still scared.  Please give me just one more confirmation!"  After I got home, I got a phone call from a reporter who wanted to interview me about the "Happy Birthday, Jesus Festival" that my family helps with every year. Funny thing though!  God had more in mind!  She also interviewed me about what Christmas means to me.  She is going to add that I'm stepping out in faith to start my own business.  AND she's going to include my blog address for people to connect to me!  How awesome is that????

God is good!  All the time!  We just have to believe that He is going to be faithful to what He has called us to!

So ya'll come see me this Sat at the market from 8:00-2:00!  It's right by the big metal building where the flea market used to be on the fairgrounds.  It's free to get in so it won't even cost you anything to come look and say "hi"!

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