Friday, September 13, 2013

Another favorite and a little tutorial . . .

These layouts are from a DCWV sketch that we had for Scrap-IN at Michaels. The papers are all from the DCWV paper pad, Vintage Collector, which I absolutely LOVE! The only thing I added was the little chalkboard titles, 1st beach trip, 1st Disney trip, the 2 black mats and the mat under the zigzag on the second page. Those are Recollections chalkboard paper found in the open stock 12x12 paper at Michaels. I used a white chalk marker for those titles. You can find chalk markers in most Michaels over close to craft paint. They come in a set of 4. I can't remember right now what comes in the package, I think 2 white, a red, and a blue, maybe. You can also get colored chalk markers. I love these things! 

So a little info on the sketch. (I will try to post a picture later. Don't have one at home.)
Sometimes people look at a sketch and think they can't use it because their pictures are the wrong orientation, or too big, or too small, or whatever. Don't be afraid to alter the sketch! The first one was actually supposed to have been turned the other way. But that didn't work for the pictures I wanted to use. So I just flipped it on it's side. Simple!

I also changed up the title and embellishments a bit. The frames were all cut out of the paper, as were the hearts and the 'I Love U'. The zigzags (known by some as Chevrons) are from a whole page of, well, zig zags! I just cut them apart. Fun! And on the detail shots you can see that some of the hearts and zigzags are glittered around the edge, already done for you in the paper pad, as was the 'Make Good Things Happen'! No stickles or glitter needed! Woot! I did use a couple of circle punches to get those circles on the second page. Isn't it awesome when you can just take a paper pad, scissors, and glue and do an entire layout? 
Love it! 

There are 2 detail shots of the 'I Love You' for a reason. I used 2 different thicknesses of foam tape to pop that up. Don't have 2 thicknesses? Just use one behind your lowest embellie and double the foam dots to make the higher one. Yep, just pop one on top of the other. And see all that striped fun inside the brown frame? Well, keep reading and I'll show you the easiest way to make that!

Have a creative Friday!
Well, as Porky says, 'Ehhh, th-th-th-that's all, folks!' 

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