Saturday, May 28, 2011

I want that!

Reading the other day in Mark chapter 1, I was struck by something that I had not really thought of before. That seems to happen to me a lot when I'm reading scripture. It's not that I haven't read it before, but God's word is so rich with lessons for us that even reading familiar scriptures can spark a brand new thought or idea that you've never had before! Isn't He just amazing?

So, back to Mark 1, this is just after Jesus has been baptized. Verse 12 says, "Immediately the Holy Spirit compelled Jesus to go into the wilderness." (New Living Translation) The New American Standard uses the word 'impelled' rather than 'compelled.' The NIV says, "At once the Spirit sent Him out into the dessert." I really liked the NASB version. IMPELLED. That word really caught my attention. According to Webster's, this means:

1. to urge or drive forward or on by, or as if by, the exertion of strong moral pressure : force 

2: to impart motion to : propel

WOW!!! I WANT THAT!!! I want the kind of relationship with my heavenly Father that when he speaks to me,
     I'm IMPELLED to move,
                    I'm IMPELLED to act,
                                   I'm IMPELLED to obey!
What a difference that would make in my spiritual walk!

What if . . . I never questioned His will?
What if . . . I never waffled in my commitment?
What if . . . I never got too busy to obey?
What if . . . I never got impatient when I didn't see the results I had expected?
What if . . . I didn't get discouraged and want to give up when loved ones time after time refused salvation?
What if . . . fill in the blank for you.  

I love this quote by D. L. Moody,  "The World has yet to see what God can do with one man who is fully committed to Him." What if I truly, completely, fully committed everything to Him? What could He do through my life? In my family? With my neighborhood? My church? Father, help me to be who you want me to be!



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