Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Keeping It Real . . .

I'm a night owl. He wakes up happy, which I will never understand.

I'm abrasive and confrontational, especially if it is over something I care deeply about. He avoids conflict at all costs.

I jump in with both feet as soon as I get an idea, then figure out how to fix what I did wrong. He thinks about any idea for a long time, reads every book available on the subject, researches every website and blog post ever written about it, then still takes forever to decide how to proceed.

I hate change, any change. Moving is about as close to torture as anything I've ever experienced. He has no real attachment to place so moving is not a big deal to him.

I am always doing something. Even if I'm sitting still, I'm making a list, crocheting, reading, or making some sort of art. He can sit in front of the TV and watch comedy shows, sci-fi, or golf and do nothing else, except maybe take a nap, for hours.

I like sappy romantic comedies and absolutely nothing that could qualify as scary to a 5 year old. He likes sci-fi and slapstick.

My projects and their messes make him a little crazy but he doesn't complain much. His piles of stuff make me crazy and I complain all the time.

I ask a million questions a day. He hates answering questions.

I see the negatives. He sees the possibilities.

I make artistic creations. He makes magic on a piano.

He drives me nuts, and not always in a good way.
He snores.
He sweats 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in any kind of weather.
His laundry could quite possible qualify for toxic waste.
There is no remedy for his stinky feet.
And I often swear he doesn't really speak English.

But . . . I absolutely adore him.
He is brilliant.
The talent that God has gifted him with is beyond my comprehension.
The music that he can make come out of a keyboard is simply amazing.
And there is not one iota of vanity in the man.
He loves Jesus with all his heart, which not only won my respect but my whole heart, too.
And best of all, he adores me.

Marriage. It's hard. It's not always fun. But so, so worth fighting for!


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