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Frozen, Queen Elsa, and a little princess . . .

Jan 31st we celebrated one of our granddaughter's birthday with a full-blown Frozen party, complete with Queen Elsa herself helping host the affair. It was 7 year old little princess magic! Elsa was charming and sweet. The girls were wild. And we pumped them up with lots of sugary marshmallows, cake, punch, and candy.

Parties and events are kind of my thing. So my daughter, after much convincing, allowed me to just run with the whole party planning, decorating, games, cake, the works. I had a blast! Since all of that sugar was my idea, I'm sure their parents hated me by bedtime! But it was a perfect party.

If you are in the central Mississippi area, you can hire a princess for your party from:
I highly recommend them!
Elsa and the birthday girl
My sweet hubby went up and down a ladder about a hundred times to hang all those snowflakes and icicles. Bless his heart. I don't know why that guy still loves me, but he tolerates all my grand schemes and just keeps putting up with me! And those huge 3D snowflakes are super easy to make! You can get the directions from this video:
After they were made, I sprayed them with Recollections Simply Pastel spray mist in blue. I don't think it is available any more. Most of the crafty supplies came from Michaels after Christmas clearance, including the blue wrapping paper I covered the little tables with, the foam snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and the Recollections paper snowflakes on the kid's table, even the helium tank. And the balloons came from the Fun Finds aisle.

While they waited for Elsa to arrive, the girls made Olaf with three sizes of marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, and cake icing to make him stick together. I didn't consider that the girls would actually EAT Olaf after they made him. Thus began the sugar high  . . . lol. The little paper containers holding the 'parts' are Wilton, I think. I picked those up at Big Lots, too.

When Elsa arrived, she wanted to make an Olaf, too!

Then they played pin the nose on the Olaf. Elsa put the blindfold on each girl and turned her around. The girls were just giddy over this. So cute. I made Olaf by painting a background on white foamcore with shades of blue, purple, and white acrylic paint. Then I smeared some Craft Twinkles with my finger to make it look sparkly. I sketched Olaf on white posterboard then went over the lines with black Sharpie and cut him out. I glued him to the foamcore with Glossy Accents by Ranger and painted his arms and touched up the Sharpie lines with black, white, and brown acrylic paint to add some shading to him. Then I hung him on the wall with Command Strips so we could take him down after the party.

For the noses my daughter traced the outline and drew them on orange cardstock and cut them out. (My printer was out of ink or I would have just printed them on orange copy paper.) Because we wanted to keep Olaf to hang in Jolie's room after the party, we 'pinned' the noses with some masking tape rolled up on the back of the noses instead of using pushpins. Isn't Olaf cute with all the noses stuck to him?

Then Elsa wrote down the gifts as the birthday girl opened them, and she got very excited over the Elsa Barbie! And the birthday girl got very excited over the Minnie Mouse play set she got. I love these two pictures.

There was 'Snow Punch' made by my mom. It was yummy. And super simple. Blue Hawaiian punch, ginger ale, and vanilla ice cream. The straws came from Michaels Fun Finds.The blue skirt for the punch bowl was a small Christmas tree skirt I grabbed at Big Lots after Christmas clearance, as were the icicle lights hanging in the fabric behind the table and behind the chairs where Jolie and Elsa sat to open presents.

The party favors were candy coated Oreo cookies with snowflakes on top, a little Wilton blue shimmer, and some Wilton edible glitter, all tied up in a Wilton treat bag with a balloon, a snowflake ring, and custom made 'thank you' tag by my amazing personal graphic designer (which I forgot to take pictures of!). The mold for the cookies, the snowflakes on the cake, and the snowflake rings came from The cookie mold makes 5 candy coated cookies. I used Wilton white candy melts and rubbed Wilton blue shimmer on top after they hardened, all available at Michaels. We topped off the bag with a Recollections snowflake sticker and they turned out just adorable.

And the cake, complete with turrets (Wilton Castle Cake kit), an 'ice' (Wilton clear plastic) staircase, and ice spikes (candy glass from this recipe: http:/ and snowflakes (Wilton white candy melts, Wilton snowflake candy mold, with Wilton blue shimmer rubbed on top).

I made the cake using Paula Deen's recipe here:
The icing was
And the fondant was
After the cake was all put together, I used more of the Wilton blue shimmer and edible glitter on it..

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf were also present on the cake (Disney skating figurine set at Toys 'r' Us). The Olaf plates and napkins are Disney and I picked those up after Christmas at Big Lots, also. There's lots of after Christmas clearance stuff here!

And the group picture. Lots of little princesses. Just too stinkin' cute!

The birthday girl loved it all. And for a week after it was over, she would randomly say what an awesome day she had at her party. That, my friends, makes all the work worthwhile!


Links and other sort of stuff:

Queen Elsa: Vaughn Entertainment, Clinton, MS on Facebook. They have several princesses to choose from. Tell them I recommended them!

Cake recipe:

Candy Glass Recipe: http:/

Candy snowflakes on cake: Wilton white candy melts, Wilton blue shimmer, Wilton snowflake candy mold

Party Favors : Oreo cookies, Wilton treat bags, Wilton white candy melts, Candy mold and snowflake rings -

3D Snowflakes:

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