Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tis the season...

Today is the first day of advent. The Christmas season has officially begun! Christmas music has already been playing in my van for a month. The Thanksgiving wreath is down. The pumpkins are ready to be put away. And the adventure of living in under 300 square feet has once again presented challenges.

I knew I wouldn't be able to put up a tree. But I hadn't really thought about where presents would go. I'm not really a last minute shopper. (Everything else I do is last minute.)  I tend to buy little things all year long for Christmas. We don't really do big, expensive gifts for Christmas. Everyone gets several gifts, most of them under $10.00. So there isn't that huge, memorable Christmas present each year. If you can imagine, between my brother's family and mine, 7-9 kids, plus a few spouses now, and usually a few grandchildren sprinkled in, plus 6-8 adults, all opening presents at the same time. There's always lots of wild chaos with tons of paper on the floor. It's awesome, crazy fun.

In our house I had a couple of places where I kept my stash. Since there isn't any room in the RV for it, I've found a few places to stick things. For now there are a few bags of random things in my van, a few in hubby's car, and a couple of items stashed in storage. Now the real challenge will be remembering where I hid things, which could prove to be interesting. I guess I'll wait until the last minute to wrap everything. Yay! Anyone want to come over December 24th and help? Lol

Blessings to you during this beautiful time of year. And let's all try to remember to keep the main thing the main thing. It's all about the greatest gift of all time. Jesus.


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