Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I got checked . . .

No, I wasn't going through airport security. I got checked by God. As you may know, my husband lost his job the end of 2010. He's been faithfully looking, but still no job. We really are ok. (Everyone keeps asking, Thank you!) Most of the time I really don't think much about it. I know God is in charge and I trust Him. But every  now and then I have a moment. You know, one of those panic stricken, can't breathe, think I'm going to have a heart attack, moments. I had one today. We have a bill that's past due on the satellite. We intended to cancel. We planned to cancel. We didn't. I thought he would. He thought I did. I called to explain and found out that they have our debit card on file. If we don't pay it, they will debit our account for the bill plus the equipment that they haven't received, even if I tell them it's already in the mail. I had a slight panic. I called my sweet hubby to 'let him know' what I had found out. That's a rather gentile way of putting it. He told me what we had in the bank and how much we would need to put with that to avoid the unwanted debit on our account. He asked me if I had enough money to add to what was in our account. I told him what I have in my checking account. (Yes, I have a separate account for business reasons.)

Here's where the 1st check came. I immediately felt like I had lied to him. I didn't, but I felt like it. I have my tithe money in cash. So, yes, I have more money than I said. And my first thought was that if I added in my cash, we would have enough to pay the past due on the bill. But that money isn't mine. Nevertheless, I shall correct this information with my sweetie before I go to sleep tonight.

Then the 2nd check.Do I pay my tithe and leave the bill in God's hands? Or do I pay the bill and trust that God will understand my dilemma? If I really trust that He provides all my needs, that His commandments are not suggestions, that He loves me more than I will ever understand, then why was I even questioning? God's word says to tithe. I haven't always done so. I knew better. I felt guilty. I made excuses. Not any more. I will pay my tithe.

God is always faithful. If my account gets debited anyway, we'll manage. It doesn't change who God is. And, really, we are ok!

More blessings than I can count,

Ps - (Added later) They didn't debit my account before we took care of  the bill. See? Worrying and panic attack for nothing - once again!

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